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Wendy Sellers (She/Her) is known as “The HR Lady ®”. She is a consultant, educator, author, and disruptor who has been published in USA Today. Wendy offers expert HR advice and training to handle pesky management challenges while becoming and staying an employer of choice. Wendy is authentic and transparent - above all, she keeps it real - and there is never any sugarcoating or a hidden agenda. If you’re looking for candid conversations, expert insights, and a touch of humor, you’re in the right place. Plus, an Adult Language Series! ’F*ck Around and Find Out,’ is a no-nonsense, adult-oriented podcast series by The HR Lady® that dives deep into the world of leadership, human resources, and the challenges of the modern workplace. Tailored for the mature audience, we pull no punches as we explore the intricacies of leading teams, managing conflicts, and fostering a culture of accountability. Remember, in the world of leadership and HR, it’s always better to be proactive than to... well, f*ck around and find out.

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2 days ago

An interview with Rick DellaRatta, Jazz for Peace. An enlightening and inspirational session on how "Jazz For Peace" brings peace through human connection and putting all other differences aside. Get involved today @

Wednesday Nov 22, 2023

Employees who are not engaged or actively disengaged cost the world $8.8 trillion in lost productivity. This is equivalent to 9% of global GDP. The focus on creative talent attraction, candidate engagement, and employee engagement persists across industries. In Q4, artificial intelligence, particularly in HR, is a prominent and uncertain topic. 
PS: Wendy Sellers was published in USA Today.

Monday Nov 13, 2023

We will discuss the fact that many companies are mandating return to the office. We talk about the costs associated with bringing people back - the costs to the employee and to the employer. Hint: It is not pretty! Tune in to find out - with Wendy Sellers, The HR Lady®, and co-host JC.

HR Tips for Small Businesses

Monday Nov 06, 2023

Monday Nov 06, 2023

If you have just one employee, you should have "HR". Set your company and the employees up for success with a basic handbook and job descriptions. Want to do more than the bare minimum? Tune in to hear the rest, from Wendy Sellers, The HR Lady® and co-host JC.

Monday Oct 30, 2023

We discuss the incredibly high cost of replacing an employee due to attrition. While it can vary significantly, the cost of replacement typically falls within a range of 0.5 to 2 times the individual's annual salary. How do you stop this financial bleed? Tune in to find out - with Wendy Sellers, The HR Lady®, and co-host JC.


Authentic, Transparent HR Consultant, Trainer & Speaker.


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