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For those eager to navigate the evolving world of HR and management, “The HR Lady Podcast” stands out as a beacon of insight.. Each episode promises candid conversations: from discussing the intricacies of employee attraction and retention, company culture, navigating difficult conversations and more. Find all the no-nonsense HR and Management advice you need. As seen in USA Today, Wendy Sellers, “The HR Lady®, a seasoned HR consultant, educator, and author, delves into the core of management challenges, leadership development, and becoming an employer of choice with authenticity and a refreshing directness. Wendy’s no-nonsense attitude, and her co-host JC are here to spice up your management game. JC, who is a rockstar and event emcee with an amazing radio voice, and many expert guests offer actionable strategies and a touch of humor to lighten the load. Tune in to transform the way you think about HR, management, and leadership. Whether you are an HR professional, a manager seeking to enhance your leadership skills, or someone interested in the complexities of workplace management, “The HR Lady” is your go-to resource for expert insights and real-world solutions. Craving more? Dive into their “HR Empowerment” podcast (by Aurora Training Advantage) for deeper discussions in a 5 day series format.

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2 days ago

Wendy Sellers, The HR Lady, and JC discuss "Signs Your Culture Rocks." These include Respect, Lack of Confusion and Stagnation, Allowing New Ideas and always finding ways for your staff to Learn More, Sticking to Your Company Values, and so much more.
Tune in to hear the 12 Signs Your Culture Rocks. Why? In 2022, a record 50.6 million US workers quit their jobs. This was the highest number recorded since 2001, and the trend continued on a smaller scale in 2023. We want to help you avoid that fate in 2024 and beyond.

7 days ago

Welcome to a riveting episode of our podcast, with Jim Connors (JC) and Wendy Sellers. In this episode, Chelsea Ryckis, President of Ethos Benefits, demystifies the difference between a 'benefits broker' and a 'benefits advisor', an essential understanding for HR professionals in an industry forecasted to be worth $44.53 billion in 2024.
Chelsea underscores the importance of transparency in broker compensation and the critical need for brokers to ensure compliance with the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021. With startling examples of giant commissions and broker malpractices, which ultimately impact the client's bottom line, this episode sheds light on the hidden crevices of the industry. She doesn't only highlight problems but also offers robust solutions to tackle healthcare issues without sending insurance premiums skyrocketing. She elaborates on a fascinating case study involving a finger skin graft, which underscored the potential for healthcare costs to be curtailed, improving the work and financial conditions for all employees.
This episode is a must-listen for those who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the employee benefits brokerage sector. This eye-opening episode spotlights the need to question the status quo, provides insights into the broker vs. advisor dilemma, and throws light on the demand for transparency in the healthcare industry.
Regardless of whether you are a broker, an advisor, work in HR, or are impacted by the healthcare industry in any capacity, this episode is sure to leave you with much to ponder and act upon.
Chelsea M. Ryckis
Employee Benefits Consultant, President
(407) 494-4227

Wednesday May 08, 2024

NOT FOR SMALL EARS. In this riveting episode of "Fuck Around and Find Out," we sit down with Heather Vickery, a transformational success coach who believes in taking the bull by the horns and living unapologetically. Heather shares her journey of self-discovery and what led her to the coaching world. She emphasizes the importance of being radically honest with oneself and how this aids in leading a fulfilling life.
While reflecting on her journey of burning her old life to the ground and rebuilding herself from scratch, Heather opens up about how societal norms and regulations affect individuals, often making them feel trapped and stagnated. She believes in the power of reassessment and reframing, and is passionate about helping people achieve their goals and dreams.
As we unravel her journey, we highlight the significance of self-awareness and willingness to take charge of one's life. She develops the "Brave Method," her creative, strategic approach to problem-solving, dreaming, and designing a life an individual would love.
If you are grappling with societal expectations, stressed out, and in dire need of inspiration to kickstart your journey toward a new chapter in life, this episode is for you. Furthermore, the first person to reach out to Heather after this episode gets a gift - a free coaching session.
Join us now, and let's start breaking some rules!
Heather Vickery
Success and Leadership Coaching

Wednesday May 01, 2024

This episode titled, "Plain Speak: Enhancing Communication in HR and Small Business Leadership," is an enlightening exploration of the essentials of effective communication in a business setting. Matt Ramuzzi, a reputed small biz bookkeeping expert and owner of CapForge, underscores the paramount importance of plain language communication with customers and team members alike, and the art of leaving no room for misunderstandings.
The fine line between setting, meeting, and exceeding expectations is discussed in-depth, and insightful thoughts on maintaining workplace happiness are shared. With a candid discussion on the pitfalls of unrealistic expectations, Matt emphasizes jargon-free communication, particularly when onboarding new members to the team, making the episode a priceless learning resource for HR professionals or those venturing into this field.
A sprinkle of humor from JC lifts the mood and enhances the podcast's engaging nature. The conversation concludes with a round of applause for Matt’s game-changing contributions to HR practices.
Don't miss this insightful episode, where leadership, empathy, and communication are interwoven with real-world HR practices and entrepreneurial insights.
Connect with Matt Remuzzi at and

Tuesday Apr 30, 2024

In this intriguing episode, Wendy & JC interview each other. Tune in to learn about your hosts.
Wendy Sellers - famously known as "The HR Lady®" - shares the course of her unique journey, from her initial days in the retail, restaurant, and healthcare fields to a successful career in HR. She shares her experiences, inspirations, and the turning points that shaped her professional trajectory.
Peeling off some personal layers, JC shares why he doesn't use his last name, as well as his past experiences in broadcasting and currently as an event and conference emcee. We dive into a discussion on the origins of a JC's fascinating podcast, 'Interesting Things With JC', and share a humorous social media debate about excavators that garnered nearly two million views.
This episode is a compelling journey, echoing the importance of self-realization, enduring change, and maintaining an indomitable spirit irrespective of the challenges posed by life and work.


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